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Some of the questions we are frequently asked are addressed below:

Q: Do I have to know how to brew beer to make soda?
A: NO! If you can make tea, you can make soda. You simply boil the spices and add sugar. That will make a simple syrup that you can use as a concentrate and add to carbonated water. We like to keep syrup in a bottle in the fridge, then add a teaspoonful or so to store bought carbonated water, or even carbonate our own water and add it to that.

Q: I've misplaced my instructions. Now what?
A: No problem. We have printable instructions for all of our kits available here

Q: Can I bottle or keg the soda?
A: Yep. We have instructions on how WE bottle and keg. Please note, Claymore Brewing is NOT responsible for damage or injury caused by bottling. 

Q: Can I buy your kits at local home brew stores?
A. You can find our kits at some home brew stores around town. Since the relationship we have with our home brew stores is so important to us, we will NEVER run a sale on our soda kits. The price we charge online is the same price you'll find the kits for at the brew shop, unless THEY'RE running a sale. We may offer free shipping from time to time, but we will never undercut our friends at the brew shops, so we encourage you to head into a brew shop, peruse their huge selection of home brewing goods, and grab a kit from them. Of course, we won't refuse your money here, and we know that you might not have a brew shop close to you, or they may not carry the flavor you want, but we want to make sure you know our policy about our prices.