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About Us

We love brewing, and if you are reading this, we bet you do too! Craft brewing is an unusual industry; we have learned (especially here in Colorado) that the craft brewing is like a giant extended family. We started out, like many of you, home brewing. While in Tom's Brewshop purchasing ingredients to make our house stout, Tom and I were discussing the all natural soda I made at home for our family. Every time I was there he'd ask me for samples of the root beer I made. Finally I remembered to bring a sample with me and he was in love. He convinced me that consumers were missing out on the opportunity to brew up homemade sodas using all natural ingredients, and that if I could figure out how to package my recipes, he'd sell them in his store in a heartbeat. The rest is history, and Claymore Brewing was born. 

Claymore Brewing is more than an ecommerce site or brand. It is a family or, in the Scottish tradition, a clan. We aim to be a resource for people who brew and drink beer and natural sodas. We have something for both new and experienced home brewers, for professional brewers, and for people who just love to drink good beer and soda.