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Spiced Cola 5 Gallon Kit

Spiced Cola 5 Gallon Kit

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5 Gallon

This unlikely blend of spices makes a traditional cola base, but the addition of real Kola Nut gives this soda a unique spiced flavor that store bought colas haven't had in almost a century.

A handful of spices add up to cola, but kola nut has a flavor that is very different from the drinks that carry its misspelled name. Our cola has a complex but balanced flavor from 11 different spices, and the kola nut adds extra layers of flavor that range from molasses to black pepper. Magic Spell Spiced Cola tastes like fall in Colorado.

Brewing your own soda is as easy as brewing tea! Brew up this kit by adding water and sugar (or the sweetener of your choice). When you’re done, you've made your own all natural soda syrup! Add your syrup to homemade, canned or bottled carbonated water and enjoy! You can also keg and carbonate your soda like beer so you have a tap ready for your friends, family, and customers who don’t drink. Best of all, you know you are serving the very best because you brewed it yourself!

 This Claymore Brewing soda kit comes with:

  • One cotton muslin brewer's bag 
  • Two bags of all natural spices
  • Easy to follow instructions

Brewery kits may not come with brewer's bag or retail packaging

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